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If you are a JOC, then join JOCTA today through an annual donation of $10-18. JOC membership allows you to opt-in to our insider newsletter with key updates, gives you an invitation to JOCTA events, and grants access to some digital course materials. Membership as a JOC also gives you access to the Open Beit Midrash, occurring most Mondays (check the calendar) from 6:15pm-8:00pm. Each JOCTA course is an additional cost to membership and is also on a sliding scale to ensure cost is not a barrier to participation.

If you are not JOC-identified and would like to support us, you can join JOCTA's Ally Circle, by sending a donation of any amount (suggestion: $10-36). Ally membership makes you a part of the JOCTA broader community and gives you an invitation to select events and workshops.


*JOCTA is grounded in anti-oppression values and is a brave space where oppressive behavior will be disrupted and held accountable.*